DavLong’s Credentialing Service can handle all your practice’s credentialing needs and ongoing monitoring. Credentialing is complicated and takes a lot of your time to complete accurately. We have the experience to get you credentialed with the correct insurance payors as quickly, accurately, and inexpensively as possible. Save time and money by having our credentialing specialists complete your credentialing applications, submit to payors, and provide you with timely follow-up including ongoing monitoring.

The DavLong Difference

  • Stay in compliance and focus on clinical care
  • New physician on-boarding and on-going monitoring
  • Existing physician renewals and on-going monitoring
  • Constant attention to all facets of credentialing

What’s included:

  • Licensure for every state, includes re-certifications
  • CAQH reassessment every 120 days
  • Use of Primary Source Verification
  • Timely Renewal notifications
  • Secure Provider Portal to view your credential status
  • Status reports via email
  • Hospital privileges also available
  • Flat Monthly fee

“It is crucial that all providers are credentialed and re-credentialed accurately and timely.”
- National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)

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