EDI Services

DavLong’s EDI Services powered by ZirMed provides our clients with state-of-the-art transmission and communications with your insurance carriers.

Claims Processing
Transmit claims to all payors who participate with ZirMed, both primary and secondary. If desired, any claim that cannot be sent electronically can be dropped to paper and mailed by ZirMed.

Payment Remittance Processing
Payments from any payor who transmits payments electronically are automatically posted into our system, including the associated write-off if applicable. Audit reports allow a practice to analyze their payments and write-offs to make sure insurance companies are paying correctly.

Eligibility Requests
Electronically check insurance eligibility online. This is available real-time, one patient at a time in the case of “walk-ins”, or can be requested in batch mode. Either way, this helps you reduce denied claims and shorten accounts receivables, while enhancing patient account management.

Claim Status Reporting
Track and monitor claim status by assigning one of 11 different codes to your claim.  Updated several times, each claim is assigned a status code with date and time stamp, so you know where your claim stands in its life cycle from submission through payment or denial.

Report Standardization
With over 1000 different payor report formats, it can be cumbersome to learn and review different payor reports and EOB’s.  ZirMed reformats all payor reports, i.e. Claim Acknowledgement reports, Electronic Remittance files, EOB’s, etc., in a common format for easy reading.

  • Hands free claims processing
  • Hands free batch eligibility processing
  • On-demand eligibility processing
  • Payment remittance processing
  • Claim status / tracking
  • Patient Statements processing

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