The core engine of our solution is a fully integrated enterprise practice management and electronic medical records system called MedInformatix.

Ease of use, reliability, accuracy, portability and time management are all areas in which MedInformatix from DavLong excels. We understand that these are critical issues confronting all medical practices.

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MedInformatix from DavLong provides physician practices with an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) with an Enterprise Practice Management (EPM) system. The EMR and EPM are integrated and designed to handle practice wide-area networks.

Designed for large and small physician practices, the MedInformatix Inc. technology places special emphasis on the core issues of ease of use, reliability, accuracy, portability and time management.

By design, the MedInformatix system can automatically generate billing directly from a physician’s encounter data. Logic is built-in to identify the correct CPT and ICD-9/ICD-10 codes for billing purposes and to ensure that supporting documentation is in place to support both the codes and levels. With MedInformatix your practice can generate a bill before the patient leaves the office without the services of billing data entry personnel.

Patient scheduling is designed for multiple locations and multiple physicians and resources. A number of appointment book views allow for quick patient volume evaluation and any needed adjustments.

Using a centralized clinical database, a key feature of MedInformatix from DavLong’s EMR, allows instantaneous analysis of complex data with real-time feedback possible to physicians and nurses. This system can be accessed remotely via secure wide-area network, allowing for convenient, instant access to your system.

DavLong has increased coding accuracy, employee efficiency, the productivity of physicians and other providers, reporting content, follow-up, communication, record keeping, time management, billing and collections.

MedInformatix reviews show significant cost and time savings are realized through the use of MedInformatix from DavLong. While increasing productivity we have also been able to reduce transcription costs to practices by as much as 90 to 100%. Significant reductions have also been realized in personnel costs, professional liability, time involved in filing of forms and charts, scheduling conflicts and claims management issues. Fee tickets, duplications, costly delays in claims submissions, lost claims, and lost charts have been eliminated.

MedInformatix is easy to use, and comes with an on-going MedInformatix support – because a successful implementation doesn’t stop when we leave your site. As our client, we will assign an account management team to respond to your needs. Your MedInformatix support team can be reached via phone, fax, or email.

Call us today, toll-free at 800-413-7764, for more information about how the MedInformatix electronic medical records and practice management solution can help your practice.