Mergers and Acquisitions

DavLong is the only Buyer who specializes in mergers or acquisitions with small billing services. We understand the dynamics of your company and will continue to treat your employees and clients with the same personal touch they are used to. Our Billing Service Division has grown to over 160 employees located in 24 states. Through mergers and acquisitions, we have offices in 8 states.

Our Plan:

  • Pay top dollar based on the industry scale for RCM mergers or acquisitions
  • We have many opportunities for you to make much more than just the base purchase price
  • We hire all your employees at their current earnings rate, no questions asked
  • We keep each existing client’s collection rate the same after purchase
  • We provide the same personal touch that made you special to both employees and clients
  • There are no acquisition closing fees
  • Straightforward paperwork with a simple Letter of Intent followed by a Purchase Agreement – minimal legal oversight should be needed

We can provide an estimated valuation in 15 minutes!!

Contact us to connect with our exclusive merger and acquisition representative.