Patient Portal

Our online patient portal software allows patients to interact with your healthcare center at all hours of the day, securely over the internet. Accessible through your practice website with a patient login and password, your patients can easily pre-register online, pay bills, or request appointments.


Patients can log in through the patient portal and complete patient forms required by your practice online. For new patients, this would include chief complaints, past, family, and social histories, allergies, current medications, or any other history your practice collects. All information is then imported into MedInformatix directly. This decreases patient wait time, increases staff efficiency, and gives your practice the opportunity to verify insurance eligibility ahead of time.

Appointment Scheduling

Through the patient portal new and existing patients can securely request appointments online 24 hours a day. The office receives these requests, checks the schedule for availability and responds to the patient – all over a secure server. This ensures privacy and eliminates back and forth telephone calls in the office.

Prescription Renewal

Patients will have the ability to securely request prescription renewals through the online patient portal software. If approved, your staff can communicate back with the patient through the secure patient portal.

Lab Results

Lab results can be reported to your patients through your practice website and toll free telephonic solution. Patients can receive results as well as doctor’s explanations including possible changes in care. This reduces expense, paperwork, time spent, and postal delays of letters.

Online Bill Payment

Practices have the ability to accept patient payments via credit card or bank account, through their website. Offer your patients the convenience of regularly scheduled budget payments (payment plan), setting a minimum payment, frequency, and processing fees (if any). Reduce phone interruptions for your billing staff by setting up an “Ask A Biller”, allowing for secure incoming patient billing questions that can be responded to at your convenience.

Online Patient Statements

Practices have the ability to send patient statements online via the patient portal. This allows practices to significantly reduce costs, up to 50% or more, of mailing statements and payment reminders.

Online Contact Lens Ordering

Patients can securely order contact lenses online. With a quick registration process, patients can order with or without knowing their lens name. The integrated lens finder tool helps patients identify their lens name. After specifying the number of boxes, and shipping address or pick-up locations, the insurance information is captured as needed, and the patient’s credit card is automatically charged. Orders are immediately visible to your office staff. Email patient reminders for expiring prescriptions can be sent improving retention.

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