Point of Service Patient Estimation

DavLong’s new Point of Service Patient Estimation program calculates the patient balance due at the time of service, increasing your collections and decreasing practice overall time in A/R. Patient Estimation looks at multiple factors when calculating patient due including, practice insurance fee schedules, past payor payment history, along with copay and deductible information from the insurance eligibility check.  The patient balance is estimated and can be viewed during the check out process.  In fact, most clients use this program to replace the MedInformatix check out screen completely.  All the functionality of the MedInformatix check out screen, including payment posting, are incorporated in this product.

Added features include:

  • Increased A/R collection efficiency
  • Credit card processing
  • Securely store credit card information (not on local network)
  • Process payment at time of service or after insurance payments with waiver form
  • Alerts user when insurance contractual obligation does not allow patient collection until adjudication
  • Payment plans configured during check out or during collections call
  • Ability to use manually for surgery planning to estimate patient responsible cost for procedures and setup payment plan prior to surgery